Our newest dining adventure was in downtown Long Beach. Steamed is a cool little restaurant that is all organic and vegetarian/vegan. What caught our attention and thus the deciding factor for us to dine there, besides them being all organic, is the fact that they steam cook their food. We like this a lot because steaming is one of the wet methods we prefer to cook with. This is definitely unique of them and since we thought their food was good, I thought I’d give them a review.

We both ordered the same thing, creating our own vegan burrito from a list of options. We selected our tortilla, rice, beans and whatever veggies we desired, settling with the corn tortilla as the wrap, topped with a fresh, homemade jalapeno salsa. Everything was great, especially the corn tortilla. Our only minor complaint was that there was too much guacamole for our liking. Not a problem though, as we brushed it off to the side, ignoring the salt-laden blue corn chips that came with the dish as well.


Delicious and a whole lot for the money, we definitely enjoyed the food. And although it’s a small joint, their outside seating is great. The restaurant is like a small house and it felt like we were dining out on someone’s sunny patio. A nice and cute ambience, the service was also quick and friendly. The place is nothing fancy, but it’s the healthier Mexican-style food option that you’re going there for.



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