Halloween Countdown

Happy October! This first day of October marks the countdown and celebration of Halloween. Because we lived in France last year at this time, I didn’t get to celebrate my favorite “holiday”. This deprivation has made me anticipate Halloween like no other year. I’m making up for it by doing all things Halloween this October, with a special event planned on the special day.

To start with, I decorated. But because I know we will be packing up and moving again at some point in time, I refrained from buying too many embellishments. I would have liked to decorate our whole place inside and out, but I only focused on the dining area because it’s the central area. It’s simple decor, but there’s plenty of Halloween spirit behind it. And if I had more time, I would have loved to crochet amigurumi ghost, black cat and witch, but I’ll have to settle for another year.



One thing I’ve come to like about the States during any special occasion (Valentine’s Day, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.), is that we have a tendency to make a mass production out of it. I never really cared for it before or perhaps took it for granted; but after living abroad, I realized how much I do like the mass production, the constant nagging reminders we do to ourselves for these special occasions. Step inside any store and it’s a guarantee one will find decorations, cards, food, and clothes for the occasion. In this case: Halloween. Recently at our local organic grocery store, Erewhon, we discovered that a local farmer in Fillmore has mastered “Pumpkinstein”, pumpkins grown into the shape of Frankenstein’s face. When I first spotted it, I tapped the face with my finger to see if it was a real pumpkin. “It’s real,” confirmed an employee who spotted me. I thought the idea cool but couldn’t justify spending $125 for it. However, it’s a big hit with people outside of the States: fans from Japan, Denmark and United Arab Emirates have all ordered Pumpkinsteins for Halloween. The owner said he has already sold out for the year and almost next year. Pretty nifty, but I think I’ll stick with the traditional fun of carving a pumpkin instead.


Just like a child who’s excited and anticipating to open gifts on Christmas day, I feel like this every year during October. So, let the countdown begin!



4 thoughts on “Halloween Countdown

  1. if you want a blast of wild frivolity on halloween night, come over to the santa monica blvd. halloween party in west hollywood (between doheny and la cienega)….hundreds of thousands of costumed people raging in the street….

  2. Sounds like fun, and I would love to people watch and see all the costumes, but we will be staying at the Queen Mary and doing a paranormal investigation that night on the ship.

  3. sounds like you and nick will have a scary good time on halloween….and if you see my late wife dressed in a white evening gown and dancing in the dark shadows of the queen’s salon, be sure to tell her that i wasn’t the one who put anti-freeze into her vodka martini…

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