Venice Boardwalk

After having an early dinner yesterday at Cafe Gratitude in Venice, we went for a walk on Venice Boardwalk. Having ridden on bikes through the popular beach on our first visit in Venice, we decided to stroll through the crowd this time. A mix-match of people in the eclectic setting, we people watched and waited for the sunset before leaving. The sunset turned out to be a smogset, not the usual beautiful sunset we’re used to seeing in Malibu and in the Conejo Valley. Nevertheless, it was great to be outside catching sunray and enjoying the warm autumn climate in SoCal.



The guy in white with the white turban is Harry Perry. He’s known for cruising along the boardwalk on his inline skates, performing songs with his electric guitar. He’s made a bunch of cameo appearances in movies and shows in the past and was formerly in a band. Now he’s a busker on the boardwalk, having performed for 25 years.



Venice Beach Freak Show



Snake Man


Path to Santa Monica Pier





4 thoughts on “Venice Boardwalk

  1. next time you’re at cafe gratitude venice, you might take a short walk up rose ave. to lincoln and try a couple scoops of double dark vegan chocolate ice cream at kippy’s….i’ll be rollerblading at venice beach today….nothing like the boardwalk for feeling free and expressing your inner lunatic…

    • Nice to know, thanks. We frequent the Cafe Gratitude in Venice more so than the one on Larchmont. Have fun rollerblading at the beach. Nick was just mentioning how nice it would be to rollerblade there. I told him he has to teach how to stop first before I dare so. 🙂

      • i am an evangelist for rollerblading and how it can elevate the quality of one’s life…rolling along the ocean path in venice and santa monica is freedom in action and like yoga/meditation with it’s rhythm and the peace it brings….stopping is the only trick i know and not too difficult to learn….my good friends johnny and bobby own boardwalk skates in venice beach and you can rent some blades there to try it out…i would be happy to meet you guys at the beach to give you a few pointers….

      • I think I feel the way you do about rollerblading with biking. I LOVE biking. It’s great that you are moving, keeps you active and healthy. 😉
        If I ever decide to venture out and blade, I’ll let you know and will definitely visit your friends.

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