Rocky Oaks

Yesterday Nick and I went on a nature walk at Rocky Oaks. The park is not too far from home, just 8 miles away in the hills of Malibu. We were the only ones present on site before sunset. Walking the two-mile loop around the wilderness was a nice way to squeeze in a little activity while we planned our upcoming holidays and before finishing off our errands for the day. When we started our stroll, the sun was around but I could tell it was nearing edge of darkness. And by the end of our walk, the sun was on its way down with pink skies falling down, the impending nighttime nearby.


Beginning of the walk, when the sun graced the hills of Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyard with its orange glow.



To the Overlook Trail




The sun began its descent and the pink skies came falling down.





6 thoughts on “Rocky Oaks

    • The days are warm and sunny, but somehow it feels like autumn because of the fall leaves and cooler air. The big change here is at nighttime when it’s super chilly — brrr!

      • We’re still waiting to see if/when we’re going abroad again, but after we move back we’re thinking of going back to Seattle. Sun isn’t abundant there, but we’ve come to realize that it’s not all about that for us. Seattle is just “home” to us, and we’ll just have to take trips to sunny places. We’ve come to appreciate certain things we took for granted about Seattle and we do miss it. I think we’ll also still be traveling frequently and Seattle will be home base for when we’re home. No place is perfect, but Seattle will work for us.

      • Seattle is lovely and has many wonderful features. If sun is not a strong priority for you, it’s fabulous. And the cost of living, air quality and lifestyle are all good. Good choice. Where abroad are you-all considering these days?

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