Paradise Falls

Before our big feast on Thanksgiving Day, Nick and I went on a little hike in Thousand Oaks — our first hike in Ventura County. The area was surrounded by TO’s suburbs, and from the parking lot the smell of turkey grease wafted through the air from all the houses nearby. But as we left the parking lot and entered the nature realm, the vast land was surrounded by mountains and cacti, and houses were no longer visible. The smell of turkey was also no longer detectable when we ventured down into the canyon.

On this hike, we did a loop starting on Moonridge Trail to view the tiny waterfall at Paradise Falls and returned on Indian Creek Trail. A nice and easy hike, it still worked up our appetites. Aferwards, we left anticipating Thanksgiving dinner.

Beginning of the hike, heading towards Moonridge Trailhead

Moonridge Trail, heading to Paradise Falls

Paradise Falls



3 thoughts on “Paradise Falls

  1. looks like you guys had a nice hike to stimulate your appetite for that rfd thanksgiving dinner….i got back last week from three weeks in vietnam and you and nick would certainly love the trekking in the mountains around sapa…especially seeing the primitive villages and the simple life that the beautiful mountain people live…on my next visit i’m going to homestay with my guide’s family…delicious vegan meals for less than $4 in hanoi, sapa and hoi an…

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