Happy Holidays from Candy Cane Lane

On Saturday Nick and I walked down Candy Cane Lane in Woodland Hills. On Lubao Ave and Oxnard Street, the houses of this residential area have been elaborately decorating and lighting their houses for years during the holidays. It’s been quite the tradition and many locals flock to the neighborhood just for the light show during December.

As we enjoyed the displays, we could tell which houses were trying to outdo the rest. This was a pleasant and festive event. We enjoyed it and felt the Christmas spirit there, too. There were Christmas carolers, people wishing us “Merry Christmas” and although we were crowded by cars at times by those who enjoyed the views from inside their cars, it didn’t bother us. The Christmas lights held our interest and was a delight.

Below are pictures of the homes and displays that stood out to us. We definitely had our favorites.

The Polar bear scene is quite elaborate. This is one of my favorites.

This house is Nick’s favorite. He likes the big Santa.

Another big Santa from the same house.

Same house as the big Santas.

This Charlie Brown and company display is my favorite for the cardboard displays.

This Santa was seen going in and out of the chimney.

As Christmas is coming up very soon, I know most people look forward to winding down with friends and family before the big celebration of New Years. Whatever your plans may be, whoever you’re with, I wish you all a fantastic time! Stay warm and be merry!




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