Last Outing in Los Angeles

This past Saturday was our very last outing in Los Angeles. We met up with our friend Marty, visited a vegan bakery, and had our last dinner at one of favorite vegan restaurants in LA — Real Food Daily.

Erin McKenna’s Premiere Vegan Bakery Los Angeles

Before dinner, the three of us visited Erin McKenna’s Premiere Vegan Bakery. It is the sister bakery to the one in New York City, popularly known as “Babycakes”. This vegan bakery is also gluten-free, soy-free, kosher, unrefined sugar-free, and they use all non-GMO ingredients. Some of their ingredients are organic, but they can’t call themselves organic because a product needs to be at least 80% organic to be truly classified as “organic”. And the great thing is that they use garbanzo bean flour as the main base of their baked goods, also adding brown rice flour and/or fava bean flour, too. Besides baking with these nutritious flours, some of the baked goods are even supplemented with vitamins and vitamin B12 as well.

This bakery was so scrumptious. My eyes bulged at first sight of all the baked goodness. I ordered a variety to share with Nick and Marty later. They also have red velvet cupcakes, but unfortunately it was all out!

Baked chocolate dipped donut, carrot cupcake, baked powdered sugar blueberry donut, vanilla cupcake with strawberry frosting, and two brownie bites.

Afterwards, we ate dinner at Real Food Daily, then hung out at Marty’s place for a little bit as we ate some of the delicious baked goods from the bakery.

For those who don’t know, we met Marty at a raw vegan restaurant, Pousse Pousse, in Paris about two years ago. And when we moved to LA, he so happens to live here. Now, we’re off to Austin in a few days, but we’ll surely be keeping in touch with our friend!



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