Bye Los Angeles


returned to L-A
became an Angelena
stayed beneath the sun

overcast smog-set
pollution in air breathed in
escaped to the hills

floated above high
touched by sunsets and pink skies
fiery sun blinds

brushed feet on soft sand
explored mountains and valleys
gazed at blue ocean

keeping memories
of adventures good and bad
etch skin like tattoo

ending this chapter
a new beginning awaits
bye Los Angeles

This is my first attempt at haiku, which I enjoy tremedously — thanks to Alice Keys who inspired me to do so with her regular haikus.

Also, thanks to those following me since the beginning of our Europe adventures and then on to our California chapter. Next, I hope to share some cool discoveries in Austin as well! We’ll be taking off this Friday morning and once we explore a little and settle in over there, I’ll be in touch again with my posts.



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