Our New Neighborhood

We learned after living in a big city like Los Angeles that we prefer living in a small city. Our former home, Seattle, was a small city and we loved living in an urban, metropolitan setting downtown. Thus, coming to Austin reminds us, in some ways, of Seattle. Though, it may be even smaller than Seattle, has a small downtown with modern skyscrapers, but not so much a shopping scene with the designer shops and high-end shopping like how Seattleites are used to. Instead, the plethora of eateries and bars that house downtown remind us of Capitol Hill, a neighborhood we frequented in my birth city.

We like the creative vibe and unique small businesses around town, as well as our close proximity to all things vegan and having lots of good entertainment around. We live right on the Colorado River, right on Lady Bird Lake Trail (previously known as Town Lake), a bike and running trail that is literally right outside our front door. Our location is central, right in downtown but south — away from the hubbub of things — on Riverside. We didn’t know what to expect as we were searching for the perfect place to live, but after moving in, we realized we made the right decision. The location is prime and we love being able to bike and run on our new trail.

During the week of exploring our new home, we went on a few bike rides and a nighttime walk. We are spoiled with the trail and boardwalk that wraps around the central city, extending 10 miles around the lake. With the bikes we were able to cover a lot of ground, being on one side of the lake to another, while exploring different parts of the trail located in various parts of the city.

A walk one evening to explore the boardwalk and catch the city view at night.

Nick checking out the stars. Those buildings are part of our apartment complex. We live in the one on the right.



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