The Original Whole Foods

Austin’s Whole Foods Market is the original flagship market that opened up in 1980. It’s the closest one to us, just a mile away. This Whole Foods reminds us of the one in London, because it has an impressive food court with various food options — including plant-based items. We like the Eat Well station, which is an oil-free station where we can build our own bowl to our desire with whole food plant-based items. The salad bar is also great, too, because everything there is 100% organic, which is different from most Whole Foods we’ve visited in other cities.

They even have a Dim Sum cart on some days, and I’ve had the pleasure to indulge in some fresh red bean baos.

Their chocolate station is fun to look at, but unfortunately none of it is vegan friendly. Despite so, there are plenty of vegan local desserts available in store and many vegan baked goods in the self-serve section.

And what makes this Whole Foods unique is that they have a BBQ and bar station in the back near the meat section. Of course being in Texas, having this station is a must. Every time we pass by this section, it is filled with exuberant people. It momentarily leads me to think I’m inside a restaurant/bar instead of a grocery store.

This Whole Foods is a popular spot to both locals and visitors. There is never a time it is not busy, with weekends being the busiest. People can be found dining all over the store. There are plenty of seating and some even come only for the food at the Trattoria Pasta and Pizza Station, where they can be waited on as if they were dining in a restaurant. People also go crazy for the Taco station, especially for the breakfast burritos. And there is even a massage station on the weekends if you wish to wind down before or after your shopping. It is fun and lively to shop at this particular Whole Foods branch. There is always this feeling like something is “happening”. But, sometimes the crowd can be a little suffocating. Nevertheless, we’re one of the many people who come here regularly to do our shopping — and we like this flagship store.



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