Austin Vegan Food Experience

The vegan culture in Austin is growing rapidly. Already known as the vegan food truck capital of the world, Austin is also becoming known as the vegan capital of the US — much like Berlin has taken the title of the vegan capital of Europe. There are vegan options literally everywhere. We don’t even have to go inside a vegan or vegetarian restaurant to find vegan options here. This city is truly a vegan haven, and it reminds us of our time in Berlin.

Our fun thing we like to do when we explore a new city is, of course, eat. During that first week we had off to explore our new home, we did just that. We ate out every day for dinner and splurged on things we usually don’t eat. Below is a snippet of places we visited. One thing we also have noticed here, besides the plethora of food trucks, is that many local businesses operate in houses. I think it’s cool and adds flair to the funky and creative vibe. Each business is individually unique and has its own character, which adds to Austin’s culture.


Capital City Bakery, an all vegan bakery house. This place was good, but it’s just a one-time adventure for us. Nick devoured a brownie from there, while I consumed two cupcakes (strawberry blond and vanilla) shown in the collage below. Nick enjoyed his brownie and I favored the strawberry cupcake (minus the frosting) better. This place is popular with locals, but it just didn’t give us a lasting impression.

photo 2

Sweet potato noodles with veggies at Koriente, a Korean place that is vegan friendly. Daily Juice is an organic juice and smoothie place. We had the pleasure to start our first morning in Austin with these refreshing green juices. For a snack stop, we went to Boulder Creek Cafe, a vegetarian/vegan cafe, for some baked oatmeal and apples. And on our very first evening in town, we went for pizza at Hoboken Pie, a New Jersey style pizza joint. It was very delicious and the workers there are awesome.

If you’re a vegan visiting Austin, don’t fret, there are plenty of vegan options here. Even for picky vegans like us we’re able to find some healthier options that are similar to the way we eat at home. Stay tuned. I’ll be sharing more of individual vegan joints we’ve eaten at soon.



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