Mueller Farmers Market: Red Rabbit and GBT

Mueller Farmers Market is one of the smaller open air markets situated beneath an airplane hangar. Most of the vendors on-site are organic and the main reason for my visit on that gloomy and chilling day was because of Red Rabbit Bakery.

Red Rabbit Bakery is all vegan and organic, specializing in gourmet doughnuts and muffins. They are more popular for their soft and fluffy doughnuts, and we’ve come to know why. Red Rabbit has the best doughnuts ever — vegan or not, you’ll love Red Rabbit if you like doughnuts.

They have many flavors, but the four we snatched up two Sundays ago were: Maple and Walnut, Raspberry Filled, Chocolate Glazed and Austin Cream Pie.

All were super yummy and we devoured it all when we got home. These are the words that spilled out of our mouths: “Damn. OMG. Wow. That’s amazing. Jesus! Holy crap! These are the best doughnuts we’ve ever had in our whole life! These are the best! The maple one is ridiculous. It’s soooooo good. Mmmm. Unbelievable. The perfect donut.” I think I’ve made my point on how much we like these doughnuts.

Nick’s favorite was the Maple; mine was either the Maple or Raspberry Filled, tough call, with Chocolate Glaze as our least favorite. Although we did like Chocolate, it’s just that next to the other flavors Chocolate was like the taste of Plain Jane.

Red Rabbit does not have a storefront, but their doughnuts can be found all over town in cafes, coffee shops and some grocery stores. Although vegan, organic, and mighty scrumptious, this is definitely not health food and is a once-in-a-while treat… The only way to eat healthy treats is to make them yourself.

Besides Red Rabbit, we stumbled upon something else that piqued our interest. Being picky with what we apply onto our bodies, Nick and I are always supportive of good skin care products and Gourmet Body Treats is just that: a local, family owned business run by a husband-wife team. They specialize in vegan and natural organic/wild-crafted cosmetics and skin care products. The wife is German, raised up in Berlin and follows a (mostly) plant-based diet. The husband, whom we met that day, was a delight to talk to as he gave us information on all of their products. I was sold on the good ingredients and bought a couple of things to try: leave-in conditioner and a matte shadow, which I will be reviewing on Cosmetics For Thought soon.

The market also has many hot food options and there are a couple of food truck trailers on-site. It’s a nice little farmers market and worth checking out.



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