Baylor Graffiti Wall

Austin is big on graffiti art. Unique and cool murals are plastered everywhere around the city. And they change often as well. When I think I can go back to snap a photo of a painting I like, it is too late. The painting has changed. A new artist has taken claim to refresh the wall with his new art work. I guess I missed my photo opportunity of the wall that had celebrities like BeyoncĂ© on there…

A couple of weeks back we visited an ever-changing graffiti wall, The Baylor Graffiti Wall. Situated in downtown, the Baylor Wall is one of Austin’s largest graffiti wall. You’ll hardly see the same paintings when you return for a visit. When I looked up the location online and saw pictures of the wall, seeing it in person was completely different. Much of the drawings/paintings have been replaced by newer ones, or some are work in progress. And most of the walls have been defaced by random scribblings.

Although the weather is now warming up again in Austin, it has been cold the last two weeks or so. During our visit I was immobilized by the coldness and lacked interest in climbing the walls. A little warmth and I would have hopped and climbed like a kid in a playground. Nevertheless, we stuck around a little to observe the wall and the people around. Artists on site were at work, while they brainstormed to create a new piece of art. Youngsters blasted their music and lounged on the barren premise, and visitors explored and took pictures.

It’s definitely an interesting spot, tucked behind shops and surrounded by houses and businesses. On a future warm sunny day, I’d like to go back and see what new art work is in place, and perhaps climb to the top of the hill.



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