Casa de Luz

Casa de Luz is a communal dining experience with plenty of seating, offering a prix fixe menu that changes daily — an all vegan, organic place specializing in macrobiotic food. The theme here is mostly Mexican food, and this is a spot we have enlisted as a place for dining out, because they cook without oil and uses very low salt if they do.

The restaurant does not have a menu, but they list what they’re serving when the time comes. On one particular evening, we decided to give them a try after finding the prix fixe menu option appealing for that night.

We were served soup and salad as starters. The soup was sweet potato ginger. It was delicious and packed a good ginger spice the way we like. The salad was mixed greens with an almond parsley dressing. Just simple, light and tasty.

For the main entrée, we had seasoned mushroom and mixed veggie soft tacos topped with guacamole, served with red beans and a little dollop of cashew cheese, Spanish rice, some blanched greens with lemon, and pickled radish and cucumber. This was all very tasty as well. We enjoyed the meal and appreciated the healthy, whole food meal. Our only complaint is the nut cheese, which is something we don’t usually eat, especially with legumes. However, no big deal, we scraped it off to the side and enjoyed our meal without it.

Casa de Luz is unique and different from other vegan venues here in Austin, but we like that. It’s a good spot and we’ll definitely return in the future.



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