Cool Beans

“Want some tacos or tamales?”
“Cool Beans!”

There is a new vegan food truck trailer in Austin at East 7th Eats trailer park spot. Cool Beans is an all vegan, organic Mexican food truck, and we had our very first food truck experience there during our first few days in Austin.

Cool Beans has become quite popular with locals since their opening. They’re now known as the best Mexican food, or the best place for tamales. We agree that their food is tasty and if we want tamales, this is definitely the place for it. The creation of the tacos and tamales are unique, and we like that it’s made with whole food. However good the creation and tasty the tacos are, the way it is cooked is not to our liking. There was way too much oil and frying for us. Despite so, the tamales weren’t so terrible with the oil, and we’ll surely return for this.

Nick and I ordered a variety of food to sample and share. We ordered two Warrior tacos and one Native Taco, as well as their Tamale of the Month, which was bean chili. All were very delicious in flavor, and we ate the meal accompanied by their homemade hot sauce, which was tasty as well.

The Warrior Taco is made up of quinoa chorizo, potatoes, cilantro, onion and verde sauce, and served in corn tortilla. (You have the option of choosing spelt or corn, but we had it with corn.) The Native taco is made up of garbanzo tempeh, marinated in Al Pastor sauce, and pineapple, cilantro and onion.

The Tamale Plate: Tamale of the Month (red bean chili) with Spanish rice and a side of cashew cheese. I thought the tamales were good on their own. No nut cheese was needed.

Just as I had mentioned previously how Austin has many cool graffiti art around town, there were some cool paintings behind the trailer park.

Despite our mixed feelings about Cool Beans, it is a cool joint that is already thriving as a new small business. It’s the best place for delicious vegan tamales, and we’ll definitely return here when craving tamales.



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