SXSW 2015

2015 week-long SXSW (South by Southwest) of interactive, film, and music festival has officially ended yesterday. I had mentioned on a previous post how overwhelming it is with all there is to do and see during this festival, but we managed to have our own little experience. You really have to pick and choose what you’re interested in and attend what you can. We only participated in the Interactive and Music part of the event, and managed to see a couple of artists we wanted to see.

Part I: Interactive

Before the big day of SXSW, Nick and I went on a pre-SXSW startup crawl. Presented by Atlassian, the creators of HipChat, there were 80+ startups participating, all throwing a party at their office in downtown. We walked from our apartment and joined in the festivities and hopped around as much as we could with the time we had. By the end of it, we were all mingled out and declined all party invitations.

On a different day, we went to SX Create, where Hackers and DIYers Unite. This event was presented by Silicon Labs, and it’s all about doing creative and revolutionary things with technology. It was all very techy and was Nick’s sort of thing. I particularly had fun checking out the 3D printers. The vibe of the event reminded me of a past science symposium in mass spectrometry, technology and science driven to develop robotics intended for research purposes, but in this case, it was meant for fun and functional home uses. Some of the gadgets created also reminded me of things that could be sold at Brookstone. By the end of the event, Nick was inspired to build and program his own drone — if only he has the time for it.

Small and large 3D printers. The smaller one was printing out some orange Minions.

Some 3D printouts from the smaller printer.

Robotic prosthesis from Hanger Clinic and the Smart Light that allows you to control your lights with your own phone, created by the startup company, Switchmate in Palo Alto.

Part II: Music

The first concert we attended was for the headliner band, Awolnation (AN). They put on an intense show, and we waited patiently to hear our favorite song of theirs, “Sail”. We also saw Big Data, as they performed right before AN, which was okay. Not too crowded, the acoustics in the Moody Theater were muffled and ringing loud. We left the floor and went upstairs to avoid the intense sound, and when we left the concert, our ears felts stuffy, and Nick’s ear was ringing the next day.

Big Data


The next day we had intended on attending the outdoor concert on Lady Bird Lake, the trail right outside our front door, but it happened to rain so we avoided it altogether to stay dry. I think our ears needed a break from the loudness anyway, so we waited the following day to attend the “One Night in Austin” event by Perez Hilton at Austin Music Hall.

Tove Lo was the headliner and we, or I, went specifically for her. I became a fan of this young Swedish artist last year and just love her album. Her sexy, provocative indie rock music kept the crowd engaged and swaying to its beat, especially when she flashed us. Tove was a great entertainer and the crowd loved her. I enjoyed this concert tremendously and we saved our ears this time with ear plugs and heard just fine with them on. Unlike a couple of nights before, our ears felt like new when we left the music hall.

We probably didn’t participate a whole lot like others did in SXSW, but it was enough for us. We missed out on a couple of other things we wanted to see, but no big deal. The whole week was loud and full of commotion and I guess we have Austin City Limits, the other huge music festival to look forward to in the fall.



2 thoughts on “SXSW 2015

  1. Yay! I was going to ask you if you went to SXSW! So glad you guys went to experience it. I was interested in the whole experience 🙂

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