Conscious Cravings

Our favorite food truck in Austin is Conscious Cravings. Parked and set up in South Austin Trailer Park and Eatery, Conscious C specializes in meatless wraps. It’s the one food truck that we’ve been back to regularly because it really is the healthiest vegetarian/vegan food truck by far in Austin. Our favorite wrap there is the Spicy Chickpea. This wrap is made with Indian-style chickpeas, lettuce, organic tomatoes, onions, and a very spicy chimichurri sauce. It’s the only wrap we get because we’re hooked, and it’s that delicious.

Worth mentioning — if you’re craving some chocolate — is Holy Cacao, a chocolate truck planted right next to Conscious C. We ordered a pricey vegan hot chocolate from there one evening and learned why they confidently charge that much. Well, it was one tasty hot chocolate!

If you’re visiting Austin and need a break from all the grease, check out Conscious Cravings for a healthier food truck experience. And while you’re at it, pick up the hot chocolate from Holy Cacao for a little liquid dessert.



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