Sweet Ritual

We have a favorite dessert place — one that we must limit ourselves to once a week as a treat. This fabulous place is Sweet Ritual, a local vegan ice cream shop that serves the best ice cream ever. During our first week in Austin we couldn’t stop going there, having gone three times to sample different flavors. Now that we’ve gone plenty and the workers know our faces, we return once a week for our waffle cone filled with a scoop of chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Sweet Ritual shares storefront space with Juiceland.

The waffle cone is gluten-free and tastes of sugar and cinnamon. The vanilla ice cream is cashew-based and is amazingly good. I’m a vanilla person, and Nick is usually a chocolate or mint chocolate chip type of guy, but Sweet Ritual’s vanilla did it for him. And as for their almond-based chocolate ice cream, hands down it’s the best chocolate ice cream we both have ever had. I’ve never been a chocolate ice cream person, never would have chosen chocolate ever. Eating Neapolitan ice cream as a child I always neglected the chocolate but ate both vanilla and strawberry, and those two have always been my preference over chocolate. However, this is the first time where I’ve tasted chocolate ice cream and thought it was amazing — and I’ve tasted many of Nick’s chocolate ice creams in the 12 years we’ve been together.

Below are pictures from the sampling we did from our first few visits — before we fell in love and settled with our normal selection of the waffle cone with vanilla and chocolate scoops.

We learned that two scoops are better than one!

Sweet Ritual’s vanilla soft serve made from organic soy and coconut. Yum!

Another trip for the gluten-free chocolate chip and cashew-based vanilla ice cream sandwich.

Vegan or not, Sweet Ritual is reeling people in: visitors and locals alike. It’s a healthier option over traditional ice cream and is light, doesn’t live a brick in your tummy or give you the negative effects that dairy does to the body.

Courtesy of Thom from Don't Switch Off The Light

Image courtesy of Thom from Don’t Switch Off The Light

Listen up ice cream lovers, I highly recommend a visit to Sweet Ritual if you’re visiting Austin. I wouldn’t be surprised if you find it as yummy as we do. Perhaps it will be one of the best treats you’ll have here in town. 🙂



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