Umlauf Sculpture Garden

Another perfect sunny day on Sunday, we rode our bikes on Lady Bird Trail and took a detour to visit Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum, home to the largest collection of American sculptor Charles Umlauf’s work.

Stepping inside the verdant garden, it was nice and peaceful. We spent all of our time checking out the sculptures outside as we tugged our bikes along, admiring Umlauf’s artwork. Below are some of my favorite pictures I took. Most of the sculptures are made of bronze, except for Poetess, which is made of cast stone.

Reclining Nude 1958

Poetess 1956

Lovers V 1975

St. Francis with Birds 1972

The Kiss 1970

Icarus 1965

Seated Bather 1965

My favorite flower, the Calla Lily

One of the Muses from the parking lot, Muse I 1962

We enjoyed our visit, and it was a nice break and detour from our trail riding. For $5 per person, it wasn’t a bad deal and well worth the time to admire Umlauf’s sculptures in such a lush and relaxing atmosphere.



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