Town Lake

I am in love with Town Lake Trail, can’t get enough of it. Also known as Lady Bird Lake, this is the popular trail we frequent right outside our front door. We bike the 10 mile trail regularly, or go for walks when not pedaling the wheels. And I love going out for morning runs when it’s calm and sunny. Besides using the trail for recreational purposes, I enjoy people watching and observing wildlife. The Colorado River itself is used heavily by kayakers, paddleboarders, and other forms of water activity. Below are a collection of pictures taken from our trail time. It’s hard to snap a photo of everything. You really have to be here to experience Austin’s gem of a lake.

We spotted two muskrats one evening as we parked ourselves at a railing in conversation. We watched as one muskrat swam towards his buddy at the log, and then swam off together. Also, we often see turtles swimming in the river, and I caught a bunch sunbathing when I went out running one day.

Stevie Ray Vaughn Statue

Sunset shot by Longhorn Dam



5 thoughts on “Town Lake

  1. so cool that it didn’t take you guys long to acclimate yourselves to the best parts of austin….my only complaint about town lake was that much of the trail that circumvents the lake is made of not so rollerblading friendly dirt…but it’s such a beautiful spot to walk, jog or bike around…and there’s nothing like spending quality time with nature…as those moments never fail to lift your consciousness to a higher plane…enjoy!

    • Yeah, it’s great. I thought of about your previous visit and was wondering if you happened to some rollerblading here. I imagine it is hard to do so on the dirt path.

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