Maggie’s Waffles at Spider House Village

On Fruth Street near the university district, there is a legendary hotspot called the Spider House. This happening place is a cafe, bar and ballroom. The patio is decked out in Christmas lights, with its own Tiki bar, a “Chapel” area, and a collection of garden statues. Upon entering its premise, neon lights and funky signs and graffiti artwork give you something to look at.

Besides sipping on libations and dancing the night away, they house poetry slams, live music, and recently the hilarious readings of Mortified.

Beyond this whimsical place there are a handful of food truck trailers within the village, two of which are vegan ones: Vegan Yacht and Maggie’s Waffle.

Maggie’s Waffles

Maggie’s Beer Battered Waffles are delicious and served out of a home-job painted trailer. We visited and had plain waffles doused with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with powdered sugar. It was yummy and light, and after our tasty experience we chalked it up on our list of places to return to. Maggie serves waffle pizzas as well, but we like our simple concoction. It’s definitely a good treat when craving some waffles.



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