Mount Bonnell

The weather on Saturday was beyond gloomy. It was as if a thick wall of a cloud dome had been placed over the city of Austin. The sun never penetrated this wall of cloud, but the humidity hung around. Awaiting the thunderstorm that never came, we missed our chance to go biking and instead visited Mount Bonnell, a popular viewing point that sits above Lake Austin and the lakeside residents.

The scenery was calm and quiet. I saw and heard a speed boat sped on by and the boisterous laughter of tourists enjoying their time on the paddle wheel boat. Catching sight of this cruise boat, I noticed the fog from afar which covered the view of the 360 bridge. Only a shape of the bridge could be seen through the mist.

I imagined what the views would be like on a clear sunny day, how my pictures could be more inviting. But despite the gloom, we still enjoyed our visit and the time spent strolling the hills of Mount Bonnell.



2 thoughts on “Mount Bonnell

  1. Austin looks greener than I thought. Wonder how busy it will be at the lake in the summer. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  2. Yes, Austin is quite lush and green, is surrounded by hill country. Summer in Austin is quite hot with high humidity, so people tend to go swimming in the natural outdoor pools around here in the lake/river. All year round on Lady Bird Lake, on the Colorado River near our place is where it’s busy, especially right now during spring time. There are lots of people kayaking, boating, paddle boarding, etc.

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