Visiting UT Campus

Bullock Texas State History Museum

We’ve come to like watching films and documentaries at the Bullock Texas State History Museum, having watched a documentary about humpback whales there recently. Just across from the museum is the University of Texas. Reminiscing about those college days, I wanted to check out the campus. Being a Saturday, few students sauntered through campus without the worry of being late for class.

UT seemed smaller and has a different vibe than my former college at the University of Washington. I love and miss the buildings and architecture of UW, the cherry blossom trees that would blossom in spring time. I thought I would never leave that place. Having been born at the University of Washington Hospital, I then volunteered at the same hospital during high school, then went to college on the main campus for 5 years, and then worked in the hospital and Health Science wing for another few years after graduation. While there, I always imagined being somewhere else. But having left that place for many years now, visiting UT made me nostalgic of my time at the UW — and I guess, of Seattle as well.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed scoping out UT. I think Nick and I actually ‘fit’ right in, because we often get mistaken as students when we’re out and about. We think it’s because we still ‘act’ like kids. We asked ourselves, where did the time go? It sure goes by fast doesn’t it? It seems as you get older, the time goes by even quicker. It’s nice to reminisce about the past, but we all know living in the moment is best. Nick and I try our best to do this, with some future planning in the mix. However, it doesn’t change the fact that life is short. Visiting UT brought back memories and regrets of my college years, but I knew I shouldn’t dwell on the past. So, after some walking around, we headed back to the car and enjoyed the rest of our day living in the moment.

I think that’s the UT stadium in the background

Martin Luther King Jr statue and the UT tower in the background


2 thoughts on “Visiting UT Campus

  1. you and nick should try to make it to a UT football game in the fall…even if you’re not into football, seeing the longhorn band march onto the field playing “the eyes of texas” right before kickoff is quite an experience…

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