Enchanted Rock

We took a day trip out to Fredricksburg, Texas to hike the Enchanted Rock. The drive through Texas Hill Country was scenic. We passed several ranches and a creek or two along the way. It was a beautiful day with minimal traffic as we entered the countryside, passing lush hill tops. Tall verdant grasses swayed with the wind and miles of wildflowers stood tall, flaunting their vibrant colors of red, yellow, white and blue.

Once we reached the German culture town of Fredricksburg, we saw the batholith standing tall at 425-foot. Made of pink granite, the enchanted dome called for us and we were excited for our ascent. Pictured below is only a section of the massive dome.

At the start of our climb.

It was an easy and fast climb. We made it to the top in 10 to 15 minutes and began our exploration.

We walked around the different sides of the dome, enjoying the greenery beneath us.

After some time, we descended and went for a walk on the 4-mile Loop Trail and caught a different angle of the dome.

Fields of Firewheels and Bitterweeds stood tall alongside the trail.

We crossed into Turkey Peak Trail and stumbled upon some big rocks. Nick couldn’t resist climbing them.

After our fun adventure, we enjoyed our packed lunch at a picnic table and headed home as the sun was setting. I recommend the visit if you have some time when visiting the area. Visiting outside of summertime is best because the climate won’t be as humid. On the day we went it was about 90 degrees Fahrenheit, but the humidity wasn’t too bad and we enjoyed catching some sun.



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