River Place

A beautiful Saturday with temperatures of 82 degrees Fahrenheit, we knew we had to be outside. We went on a hike at River Place Nature Trail, located within the residential area of Westminster Glen. I had read River Place is the only hike inside the city that is challenging and has any kind of elevation gain. We were craving a challenge, so based on that reading we were looking forward to the hike.

The start of the trail is beside a pond and boardwalk, where a beautiful white swan lives. We have no idea how just one swan resides in a suburban pond in central Texas, but it was a delight to see one. This swan was not shy and came right up to us as we passed by. We could tell it is used to being fed, and even a large clan of turtles swam up to us as if they expected us to feed them. When a turtle got close to the swan, the bird got feisty and snapped its bill at the turtle’s head. However, the reptile proved to be swift at ducking and pulling its head inside its shell.

Afterwards, we started our hike into the woods. The beginning of the hike was alongside a stream. And when we began our ascent, there were many stairs with rolling hills. Even though it was a StairMaster type of hike, it was easy and we did the 6 miles in about 2 hours. This was definitely not challenging as we had hoped, and we were dubious of the claimed elevation gain of 1800 feet, but we had a lot of fun and really enjoyed this trail.



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