Barton Creek Greenbelt

We went for a walk through Barton Creek Greenbelt on Saturday, a place for nature walks, trail running, swimming and rock climbing. The day was cloudy but warm and humid. It was too humid for the walk, with the mosquitoes attacking me from all angles. It made it impossible and so uncomfortable to finish the intended 7-mile roundtrip walk through Barton Creek.

The trail was sticky and muddy after a recent thunderstorm, but it didn’t stop people from enjoying the trail. Most went for a swim in the creek alongside the trail. It looked appealing to cool ourselves in the water, but we kept trailside.

My favorite part about the trail was the abundance of beautiful butterflies. They fluttered all around us, while fuzzy caterpillars roamed the path around us. Another interesting detail about the walk was the rock tier formation and protrusion. We found a spot that was used for climbing and noticed the climb to be challenging.

This wasn’t our favorite walk. We probably would have enjoyed it more if the conditions were comfortable and less muddy.



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