South Congress Vintage Strip

The vintage strip of South Congress is an interesting spot in the city. We sauntered through last Sunday, visiting antique shops and a couple of famous landmarks. The area is quaint and lively, a mix of new and old, and visited by locals and tourists. Eateries line the strip, and food trucks sit on both sides of the street. We watched as a live band played and people danced in the humid heat. The cacophony of laughter, conversations, music, glasses clinking, and engines roaring was the sound of the SoCo blocks. And below are snippets of the vintage scene.

The historic Austin Motel is Austin’s landmark and has been around since 1938.

Another popular landmark is the “i love you so much” mural on Jo’s Coffee’s wall. This was a love note by the owner’s partner. It soon became a tourist’s photo attraction and has been around since.

One of the quirkiest antique shops we visited was Uncommon Objects. This shop is filled with bizarre objects that was once owned by people from the past. Photography was not allowed, but I can tell you that there was a plethora of overpriced oddities.

A beautiful artichoke flower

A great place to explore and people watch, we enjoyed checking out the strip. It’s definitely a cool area to check out when visiting Austin.



3 thoughts on “South Congress Vintage Strip

  1. love your exploratory excursions around austin…but all this humid heat that you write about in may has me concerned about the austin weather reports once the dog days of summer take hold…

    • Yes, the humid heat. We’re not finding it pleasant at all. We’re dreading summer here, but we may take a little break from it to travel elsewhere. Though, going to New Orleans in June is probably not going to be any better!

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