A Beautiful Break from the Gloom

Lately it has been gloomy here in Austin. But despite so, locals aren’t fooled by the curtain of clouds. I have to admit we were fooled a few times in the beginnings of the overcast. When we’re inside insulated with the cool air from the air conditioning, we look outside and think it’s cool out. When we lived in Seattle, a cloudy and gloomy day in spring is usually a cold one. Here, it’s quite contrary. Take one step outside and we are immersed in stagnant heat, the heavy air and swampy atmosphere. The moistness we feel on our skin makes us think we’re getting misted on, standing beneath a waterfall, except not the same invigorating euphoria. Because the times we’ve stood beneath a waterfall in Washington during a hike, it feels refreshing, cool and nice. But the dew we feel from the humid heat isn’t cool. It’s not refreshing. It feels uncomfortable.

Because of the consecutive gloomy days we’ve been experiencing here this week, I was surprised to catch a glimpse of an orange-pink horizon when I glanced outside. Nick and I were busy discussing something and it caught me off guard when I saw the skyline from our window. I quickly reached for the camera and snapped a shot of the magnificent sunset. Days like this when I see Austin’s beautiful sunsets, I forget about the humid heat for a moment. The sunsets here are just amazing, and this was the first time I was able to get a shot of the astonishing colors up close. Had I not looked outside I would have missed it!



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