The Steeping Room

A couple of weekends ago, we had our latest food experience at The Steeping Room, an organic tea-focused restaurant that is vegan friendly. The experience was good. I ordered the Buddha Bowl, a concoction of brown rice, baked tofu, steamed collard greens (by my request, otherwise it’s sautéed), sweet potatoes, black beans, and my choice of a peanut rice wine vinegar sauce.

Nick had the Masala Bowl, which was Indian-inspired chickpea and spinach curry with brown rice.

We both enjoyed the flavor and simplicity of our whole food, plant based dishes. Our only complaint was that there should have been double the amount of rice for both dishes, and I would have liked more sweet potatoes. Despite the minor protest, The Steeping Room made it on our extremely short list of places to return to here in Austin, coming in at number 3.

For dessert, unfortunately they were out of vegan desserts when we were there. Perhaps next time when we return we’ll get to try one — a double chocolate cupcake!


2 thoughts on “The Steeping Room

  1. if you are going to eat soy, i would suggest tempeh instead of tofu so your wonderful brain won’t turn into mush…

  2. Through our research and reading, soy is fine. We have no issues with it. Sure, tempeh is better, but soy is fine as long as you’re not consuming in high quantity. Soy and tempeh are essentially the same after all, being derived from the whole food edamame. Tempeh is better because it’s more nutritious since it has been fermented. There is nothing wrong with soy as long as you’re not consuming high amounts of it every day. We don’t eat much soy at all at home. We only eat it when we’re out now, and only if it’s organic. If you’re interested in learning more about this, there’s plenty of information on soy on Dr. Greger has all the dirt, research studies and scientific data on it.

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