Jeremiah the Innocent

I’m on a mission to visit all of Austin’s famous murals. We first noticed postcards, coasters and mugs featuring these murals in downtown’s Whole Foods Market when we first moved here in February. I’ve also read about them on blogs, so I decided we should see them in person. I’ve already shared one in my previous post on South Congress Vintage Strip, the “i love you so much” mural. And today’s mural is another one that has gained popularity in the community as well. Jeremiah the Innocent is the name of the frog that says, “Hi, How Are You” This mural is on The Drag across from the University of Texas on 21st and Guadalupe. Jeremiah sits on the wall of a Thai restaurant, where the owner pays licensing fees to use the image because it has made a positive impact on business.

The story behind this frog is that musician Daniel Johnston featured Jeremiah on the release of his 1983 album cover, Hi, How Are You: The Unfinished Album. And then Johnston was commissioned by Sound Exchange record store to create a mural of the frog. So, the local amphibian has remained, with visitors like us making a photo stop to see the alien looking frog.



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