Darkness Unveiled

photo (6)
I cannot erase
erase the creepy image
He’s inside my head

laying still below
twenty feet beneath window
already dead man

tall body straightened
only a t-shirt on him
partially naked

jeans, yanked off and tossed
bunched up left, four feet away
boxers tucked right side

legs not bent, stiff straight
arms posed and crossed over chest
almost like an X

eyes opened, bulging
but still, beneath the moonlight
looking toward sky

bloody mouth opened
hand covered in iron red
What caused the bleeding?

forensics probed, laughed
police investigated
they say suicide

just another death
written off as suicide
people think it’s not

a weird scene, I know
we have our suspicions too
it makes me scared, tensed

too many strange deaths
right outside our square window
just that night, two dead

the neighboring guy
the female near by, same street
ran over by drunk

dead bodies all near
on the streets, river, and here
the darkness unveiled


6 thoughts on “Darkness Unveiled

    • You’re the first to ask about this. Yes, it really happened, early Friday morning. I was wondering if one of my readers would pick up on this. And you did. It was really creepy. I’m still very disturbed and jumpy, especially at night.

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