Mueller Lake Park

On Monday we ran some errands and decided afterwards to go for a walk. Blue sky dotted with puffy stream of clouds, the temperature was 88 degrees and we were feeling the heat and humidity as we sauntered on the trail of Mueller Lake Park. We first picked up a couple of Topo Chicos, a local favorite sparkling water at a food truck located on the grounds where the Sunday farmers market is held. The drink was much needed and refreshing, and as we passed a bunch of people doing bootcamp workouts on the lawn, I felt their envious eyes on our Chicos. I understood. With the day’s humidity at 65%, most people were huffing and puffing and struggling to complete their workouts.

The park’s lake anchors an amphitheater, with a paved loop trail and plenty of picnicking spots. We came across a vocal clan of ducks and geese. The ducks waddled over to me thinking I had food, but when they learned I was just a boring human without a yummy snack, they turned around and wanted nothing to do with me. However, I found them amusing, enjoyed observing their behaviors and listening to their quacking.

It was a nice little walk and break. And as always, we enjoyed catching some sunrays.



3 thoughts on “Mueller Lake Park

  1. Wonder what the story is with that one white duck? It doesn’t appear to be a Pekin (note the bill color). Probably a hybrid–domestic & wild mix–which you do see in local parks and such. Thx for sharing!

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