New Orleans

Nick and I recently returned from my birthday (paranormal and history) trip to Louisiana. Currently neighboring the swamp state, I wanted to take the opportunity to visit while still residing in Austin. The short trip was the perfect amount of time spent, having stayed a couple of nights in New Orleans before heading out to Saint Francisville.

On our arrival we checked into Hotel Provincial in the French Quarter. Erected in the early 1800s and listed in the National Register of Historic Places, Hotel Provincial is in the top 10 for most haunted hotels in New Orleans. Unfortunately, we arrived late to the packed city and did not get a room in the most haunted building 5 I had requested for.

The next day we sauntered through the French Quarter and visited the French Market and Jackson Square historic park and walked along the Mississippi River.

Inside French Market

Joan of Arc statue, a gift from the French

Jackson Square Historic Park, St. Louis Cathedral

Mississippi River

Before heading out of the city to visit a nearby plantation, I wanted to visit Marie Laveau House of Voodoo. Swarming with people, it felt claustrophobic with bodies and a store full of voodoo dolls, tarot cards, books of voodoo and spells, large heads and weird creatures.

Later in the evening after visiting the plantation and having a great dinner (which I will post more on this later), we joined a Thriller and Killer Ghost Tour. A two-hour tour, we walked around the French Quarter absorbing stories of past murders and ghost haunting and sightings.

A pedestrian mall where apparitions have been seen.

Around 20 people were killed in a fire at the Jimani bar, and reports from paranormal investigators claim there is an uneasy feeling inside the upstairs of the bar where unseen hands are grabbing at their limbs.

Marie Laveau’s cottage. Nowadays, it is used as a rental cottage for tourists. A couple staying there had heard the sound of drumming one night inside the house while in the bedroom. When they looked around, the sound halted and when they returned to the room, a black feather was placed on the pillow.

Inside the Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar, workers have seen an apparition through a blank TV screen when closed up for the night. Red ‘devil’ eyes have also been seen in the fireplace, and paranormal occurrences have happened near the men’s bathroom.

Madame LaLaurie’s infamous house. If you’ve watched American Horror Story’s The Coven, you’re well aware of this sadistic madame. This is the very mansion she lived in and tortured and killed her slaves.

On our last day in New Orleans I got my first tarot reading, which was very positive and lots of fun. Afterwards, we had lunch at our second sought after vegan joint before visiting and doing a food haul at the New Orleans Whole Foods Market and taking off for Saint Francisville.

We enjoyed our visit and had a fun and enlightening time. I am fascinated with the history and culture of New Orleans, but I can careless about its party scene. Thus, the short time spent was plenty good and I was ecstatic about our visit to the small town countryside.



4 thoughts on “New Orleans

  1. Yay! I’m hoping to get to do a short-ish trip there sometime soon too! Did you go by the cemetery? I’m interested in the ghost tour lol

    • No, that wasn’t part of this ghost tour. I’d recommend doing the cemetery tour if you want to go by there. There are a plethora of tours — so many to choose from! You’ll see that there will be like a gazillion other tours while you’re on yours.

    • You guys should. A short trip should suffice too, like a long weekend. Make sure to venture out and see the plantations. It’s so cool to observe the past and imagine how life was like back then. Email me when you guys go so I can give some tips.

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