New Orleans: Vegan Outings

We were surprised to learn that New Orleans has a vegan scene. Albeit small, the places we visited were outstanding and healthy traveling food. When we travel, we like to bring our own food or grocery shop, to prepare our own food whenever possible because we’re so particular, and healthy eating is our priority. However, I do research the vegan places of our visiting city to see if any of the restaurants meet our criteria. If there’s a chance that they do, we gladly take it.

3 Potato 4 was the first place we ate at for lunch. This place is an organic vegan stand that serves potatoes inside the French Market. We each had our own paper cone of organic baked potato wedges with the Aztec ketchup, a spicy oil-free ketchup. This potato-based company started in California and aims to promote awareness of eating potatoes the healthy way. It’s true: Potatoes are healthy, full of vitamins and minerals when you don’t fry it and saturate it with oil or butter.

Later that day, we enjoyed dinner at what is now our favorite vegan restaurant in New Orleans. Seed is all plant-based and organic, and we were pleased with the quality, flavors of the food, and the house-made ingredients. It beats anything we have eaten in Austin for sure, and we love the healthy standards it encompasses for a restaurant in the south. Seed has something for everyone: raw, cooked, oil-free, and even Louisiana cuisine but prepared and cooked in a health conscious way. We were the first to arrive for dinner, but it quickly became busy and packed by the end of our meal.

To start with, I created my own salad: kale, chickpeas, beets, carrots, red onions, with an oil-free sweet mustard sauce. And Nick started with a green juice he put together.

We both ordered the BBQ seitan for our main dish. Having tried seitan for the first time, we were both impressed with the dish. The texture was great, BBQ flavor tangy and sweet, and sour green apple cole slaw. The combination of flavors were brilliant together. The dish was on the smaller side, but it helped me save room for dessert, whereas Nick ordered a side of chili. He raved about it so I couldn’t help but sample and understood his positive remarks.

My dessert was a moist and decadent chocolate cake, doused with a fine chocolate sauce. It was incredibly good, a delectable treat. Nick couldn’t resist and had a few bites. Then we couldn’t stop just there, having ordered a chocolate chip cookie to go, which we ended up devouring in the car to our next destination.

The meal at Seed was amazing! We haven’t had a superb vegan meal out in a while that’s as tasty as our favorite spots in Los Angeles. Check them out if you’re visiting!

Lastly, when we were leaving New Orleans to Saint Francisville, we ate lunch at Superfood Bar on Magazine Street nearby Whole Foods. This casual little joint is all vegan and organic, serving juices, smoothies, wraps and sandwiches. We each ordered green juices for starters, and they sure know how to make their juices. We like that they don’t skimp on ingredients like most places do.


We then ordered the same Viet Wrap: spicy red bean patty, mango hot sauce, cilantro, greens, and pickled veggies. The wrap was not as spicy as we had thought, but quite tasty and light.

A conclusion to our dining experience in Louisiana, we enjoyed our vegan outings. When we stayed in Saint Francisville, we had bought additional food from Whole Foods to eat and prepare for the rest of our meals on the road and in the countryside.



3 thoughts on “New Orleans: Vegan Outings

  1. Glad to see that New Orleans is still the most delicious city in America! (Haven’t been there in years but my recollection is that everything tastes fabulous–they could probably make shoelaces taste good, not that I recommend trying!!!)

    • My pleasure! I highly recommend the three places I listed here, although there are other vegan spots as well. One other place we never made it to that seems good is Good Karma Cafe. It’s a vegetarian/vegan restaurant that serves Indian-based cuisines.

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