Inner Space Cavern

Last Monday we went on a little ‘caving’ adventure. Hidden for over 10,000 years, Inner Space Cavern is one of the best preserved caves in Georgetown, Texas. The cavern is estimated to be 90–100 million years old. Skeletons of prehistoric animals (saber-toothed cats and mammoths) were found during excavation. Because of large openings during the Ice Age, many of these animals were trapped in the cave after they fell through, unable to escape, while others drowned in thick, quicksand-like mud at the bottom of watering holes.

I thought the natural, mineral formations of dolomites, stalagmites and stalactites were amazing to observe. We also saw some tiny bats, which are the only animals living inside the cave these days, aside from spiders and millipedes.

This formation is estimated to be up to 127,000 years old.

The water is so clear and clean and is actually deeper than what it looks like. The purity of this water happens to be better than any tap or bottled water.



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