Lady Johnson Wildflower Center

One afternoon we visited Lady Johnson Wildflower Center. I never knew how much I liked wildflowers until springtime rolled around in Texas. Unfortunately, we waited too long to visit Lady Johnson, because most of the flowers I saw during spring are gone. A small selection of summer wildflowers are in bloom now. Though they look as if they are on their way out, and it’s not as impressive as it was a few months ago.

Our self-guided tour began at the tower, where small cacti lived in clusters.

Afterwards we followed the route to the garden trails, passing a clan of monarch butterflies.

With the heat and humidity, we didn’t explore the entirety of the vast trail. Nick trailed behind me, hiding underneath shade and fighting off mosquitoes, the heat eventually burdened me too, and I hurried the grounds exploration as we had pretty much seen all of the wildflowers for the season.



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