Texas Capitol

We played tourists a couple of weekends ago by visiting the Texas Capitol. Erected in 1888, the Capitol sits on 22 acres of land and is the symbolic center of government for the State of Texas. Listed under the National Register of Historic Places, it is a historical landmark because of its significant contribution to American history.

The Capitol Grounds, filled with monuments, is like a well-maintained park. Inside the bell-shaped Capitol building, each floor is filled with past governors’ pictures. The rotunda archway is detailed with ornate plaster work, marked by acanthus leaves with elaborate cornice, and a seal court staircase takes you all the way up to the third floor where you can see the central rotunda at a different angle.

The Capitol’s large facade is a pleasant contrast from the modern buildings of downtown. I especially like the way it is lit up at nighttime. It’s hard not to stare when passing by. It’s as if it begs to be visited, luring you so. It’s even rumored to be haunted! We’ve seen the building since day one of moving to Austin back mid-February, and I’ve talked about wanting to visit but wanted to wait for a day where we didn’t mind being inside. Now that we have visited, it’s yet another thing checked off of our to-do list before we leave Austin.



6 thoughts on “Texas Capitol

  1. i was rather appalled at the various misrepresentations in the inscriptions on the confederate monuments at the capitol which purport to remind visitors that texas fought with the confederacy in the spirit of 1776 to preserve states rights as against northern aggression….when the truth is that the confederate soldiers from texas were fighting and dying in order to preserve the system of slavery in the south….

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