Dickinson Museum: Haunted by the Alamo Survivor

We visited the Dickinson Museum, home to Susanna Dickinson, survivor of the Alamo. Our first visit was outside, at night with the ghost tour. We then returned the next day to visit the museum and house.

Dickinson Home. The backside of the house has an L-shape extension.

Susanna’s first husband died at the Battle of Alamo. She was the only caucasian to survive the defeat by the Mexican army. During her time in Austin she remarried a few more times, and it was her fifth husband, Joseph Hannig, that kept her happy. They lived comfortably inside the small house before moving into a mansion later on.

Informed by a psychic medium, it is thought that the spirit of Susanna revisits her former house at times, looking for her husband. Susanna passed before Joseph, and according to the psychic’s communication with the alamo survivor, Susanna will keep revisiting, looking for her husband until she knows he’s okay. Supposedly she hasn’t seen him on the ‘other side’ and the rules there are very different.

Joseph and Susanna’s Bedroom

Susanna has been seen by guests from the Hilton across the street, sometimes as a younger woman dressed in a colorful dress, and at times as a middle-aged woman in an elegant, Victorian black silk gown. The staff at the museum occasionally will find certain items moved around inside the house, and sometimes the curtains of the rooms have been pushed aside when no one ever touched them.

This museum is free and requires little time to peruse. Despite the rumored haunting, I think it’s a great addition to the rest of the “Alamo tour” if you’ve visited or toured the Alamo and San Antonio Missions in San Antonio.



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