Anniversary in Maui

Every year Nick and I spend our anniversary by taking a trip. This year we went to Maui, spending 10 days celebrating 12 years as a couple and 7 years being married. If you’re wondering, yes, we purposely got married on the date we became a couple so we can easily count the years we’ve been together since the beginning.

This was our first time to Maui, but the third time to the Hawaiian Islands. We’ve visited Oahu and Kauai previously but spent the most time on Maui. We believe Maui is our favorite island so far, but we definitely enjoyed all of our times in Hawaii.

We stayed in West Maui, at Kaanapali, nearby Lahaina. The island can easily be explored with a car, and we did just that, amazed by the different sceneries and microclimates on the island.

Rainbow over the resort we stayed on

Swaying with the wind

Our resort was on one of the several Kaanapali beaches.

The oldest banyan trees (over 150 years old) at Lahaina Banyan Court.

Hawaii is known for beautiful and picturesque landscape, with beautiful beaches and sunsets, so most of this post will be about that.

A beach in South Maui

And if you love the ocean, it’s a great place to be in the water — if you’re not afraid of sharks! This time around Nick “accidentally” got a severe sunburn half way through our trip so we didn’t spend too much time in the water. (This burn was worse than the bad sunburn he had exactly seven years ago on our honeymoon in Fiji!) So instead of snorkeling, we went on a semi-submersible boat to view the coral and critters underwater.

Sea Urchin

Sea Cucumber


A type of sea piranha

Not having attended a luau before, we decided to check one out this time. We mainly wanted to see the fire dancer, and sure enough we got to. For those interested in a luau and cocktail show only, there is one at the Sheraton. You don’t have to worry about paying the extra money for food if you don’t want to eat there. This worked out for us because of our plant-based diet, and the price was significantly discounted.

Sunset before our luau

We had a wonderful time in Maui, and we can definitely see ourselves living there. If you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend it. There’s so much to see and explore, and I’ll be sharing more about the trip in my next several posts.



11 thoughts on “Anniversary in Maui

  1. cool that you guys were enjoying your anniversary in hawaii…a few of those sea cucumbers could probably pay for the entire trip….i recently saw that they sell for up to $200 a pound in the little markets of chinatown in san francisco…

      • actually it’s the dried sea cucumbers….and they sell for $600 a kilogram…i also thought the prices ridiculous when i saw the handwritten cardboard signs posted above the dried sea cucumbers in those little hole in the wall food shops on stockton street….so maybe you should get into the sea cucumber import business to finance your next anniversary trip…

  2. Angie,
    Great pictures! Did you have time to explore towns for living in? How easy-hard was it to find local grown produce for the vegan life? Affordable year-round locations on the sunny side? I can’ wait to hear more. 🙂

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