Waihee Ridge Trail

We had planned on going on three to four hikes in Maui, but because of Nick’s severe sunburn we only managed to go on one. Fortunately, this hike happened before his burn. Waihee Ridge Trail, located in Wailuku, West Maui’s North Shore, was a decent hike. It would have been nicer if it wasn’t so cloudy. We were high in the clouds and by the time we reached the top at about 2700 ft. (1600 feet elevation gain), we couldn’t see anything. The clouds blocked our view and instead of being rewarded for our climb, we were disappointed. I was more disappointed than Nick, as he was just happy to have a nice, verdant hike for once since hiking the Pacific Northwest. I agree, the hikes in Washington are the best, and we sure miss it. It has been a while since we’ve done a hike that not only has elevation gain, but is also surrounded by lush greenness.

Start of the trail after a steep climb from the parking lot.

In the clouds the whole way up.

At the top, views blocked by clouds.

As we descended the mountain, we finally got our reward. The views that we didn’t see as we were ascending were now in sight. It made me happy and I felt better. However, the descent down the muddy, slippery, and somewhat rocky mountain can be challenging. It was a breeze for us going up, but going down is always tough on the joints as you have to play it safe and take it easy if you don’t want to take a digger or injure yourself. We did just that, and by the time we were done, we were ready to get out of our hiking shoes and rejuvenate ourselves with delicious, ripe mangoes and apple bananas.

Heading down, the clouds are dissipating.

First View!

Waihee Ridge is less known to tourists and is commonly hiked by locals. I do recommend this hike, but do so when it’s not so cloudy if you want a view at the top. And keep in mind that this trail tends to be muddy. Although we thought the 5-mile hike easy, coming down is a bit technical and requires caution. Otherwise, the hike is scenic and picturesque. Despite the cloud blockage, you’ll enjoy nature and the fresh mountain air. But if you do get that view up top, or anywhere up there, it’s priceless and touches your soul. Also, along the trail you will find guavas and strawberry guavas. I managed to find a couple of ripe, strawberry guavas and ate it right off the tree!

Unripe guavas at the parking lot.

If you’re visiting, consider this hike if you want to be up in the Maui mountains. The drive up is also very scenic!



6 thoughts on “Waihee Ridge Trail

    • Hi Mike, sorry for your burn! He pretty much burned his whole body, had to wear long sleeve and pants for the rest of the trip. The burn was so bad it made me cringe. It looked so painful!

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