Road to Hana

A trip to Maui is not complete without taking the Road to Hana. On the 8th day of our trip we did just that. Starting in the hippie town Paia, the northern coast of Maui, the 64-mile route to the town Hana in east Maui was a scenic drive. Driving on one-lane road and bridges, narrow curves and cliffside, it made the trip longer than it should have been. And by the time we arrived to Hana, we dreaded doing it all over again as we needed to head back on the same road. By the end of the trip I was officially carsick. It’s definitely a must-do while visiting Maui, but once is enough for us!

Along the way there are multiple view points and stops. I had looked forward to stopping at Twin Falls for fresh sugar cane juice and to view the falls. Unfortunately because of the recent hurricane passing through the area, the falls was closed off due to flooding. However, we were able to still enjoy the sugar cane juice and step inside the farm area.

Twin Falls Fruit Stand. Past the stand is the entrance to the farm and falls.

Papaya Tree

Another nice stop, which we spent most of our time at, was at the Garden of Eden. Inside the maintained arboretum, we saw a myriad of plants and a couple of waterfalls from afar. On the way to some view points, we crossed path with some ducks and geese. Nick was quite popular with them. They followed him around as they knew his palms held their tasty feed.

Puohokamoa Falls

There are many stops and plenty to see on the Road to Hana. And there are also short hikes as well. We had planned on doing a couple of hikes, but with Nick’s sunburn we gave up the plans. And we definitely didn’t get to see everything, but we were fine with it. It was more important for us to enjoy our time without rushing and to fully take in what we did see, rather than rushing through it all. Nevertheless, it was a great drive and trip. We were glad to have done it.

Small roadside waterfall



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