Haleakalā is Maui’s dormant volcano. At 10,000 feet high, it is situated in East Maui. Opened as a national park, there are many activities on the massive mountain: hiking, horseback riding, biking, ziplining, hang and paragliding, camping, sunrise, sunset and stargazing.

Coming up the mountain we witnessed moments of gloom, nestled in with misty clouds. As we got higher, winding up mountainside, we caught the sun and its warm embrace. Outside of the sun’s reach, the air was much cooler. Along the way we stopped at an overlook, but the clouds blocked the view. From the pictures, you wouldn’t know we were up high.

Stopping at the overlook

At the summit, the landscape changed to red and black volcanic rubble. It reminded us of Mars. We walked around the area exploring a little bit in the chilly atmosphere. Despite it being cold and windy, the UV up there is really strong.

Space Observatory

Chukar Partridge. One of the two birds found at Haleakalā.

Visiting Haleakalā was worth the drive and time. We enjoyed the drive up and exploring the summit. It’s definitely another must-do when visiting Maui.



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