Nakalele Point

Opposite end to the Road to Hana, we took a North West drive from Kapalu to Nakalele Point. I thought this drive was beautiful and more enjoyable than the Road to Hana. The roads may even be a little scarier, too, but the scenery was just breathtaking.

From Kaanapali we drove northward past the Kapalu pineapple farm, which we did have the pleasure to eat succulent and yummy organic pineapples from there during our stay. Then one of the first few stops was at a viewpoint overseeing a popular bay for snorkeling.

Afterwards, the roads became narrow up mountainside, curving with picturesque landscapes in view. Driving through several microclimates, we noticed this area was quite different. We drove through mist and rain at some points, crossing narrow bridges at times, and then shortly we arrived to Nakalele Point. This coastline, propped up against pouncing wind, leans outwards to the ocean.

Beneath is where the blowhole is at. It requires a precarious hike down, but with flip-flops, I stayed and watched from above.

Blowhole area below

Nakalele Point and Blowhole isn’t listed in the top things to do and see in Maui, but I thought it deserved a spot on that list. It’s absolutely scenic and the drive there is so different from other parts of the island. We definitely enjoyed the drive and appreciated the scenery.

Another viewpoint on the way back



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