Space Center Houston

Last midweek we spent a couple of days in Houston for Nick’s 36th birthday. Though we spent a little time exploring the city, our main reason for visiting was for NASA Space Center. Just a short drive from Kemah, where we had stayed, we spent an entire day at the space center, touring the facility and exploring the exhibits on site.

Kemah Boardwalk

Located outside next to the parking lot is this space shuttle on what we believe to be a 747.

Inside the Astronaut Gallery

The original and restored shuttlecraft Galileo from Star Trek

When Buzz Aldrin and Neal Armstrong returned from the moon, they had to wear this green biological isolation suit as a precaution to “moon germs.”

Riding a tram tour outside the main Exhibit Plaza, we visited several buildings: Mission Control, Building 9, Saturn V. Inside Building 9, the Vehicle Mock-up Facility, we saw mock-ups of International Space Stations, robots and the new Orion capsule.

Over at the Rocket Park, we saw the Saturn V rocket. It was the rocket that played a major role in successfully transporting and landing American astronauts on the moon during the Apollo missions. Over 36 stories tall, this Saturn V is one of only three left in existence.

Back at the Exhibit Plaza, we watched a film, Human Destiny, at the Starship Gallery and explored the spacecraft and moon rock museum afterwards.

Mercury Capsule. Project Mercury was the first human spaceflight program of the United States.

The original capsule that took the American astronauts to moon.

If you should visit, blocking out an entire day is almost necessary to fully experience everything. The wait can be long for the must-do tram tour, so I advise visiting on a weekday if possible. For a Wednesday, we still waited a while before making the ride. Even so, we definitely enjoyed our time here at the space center.



3 thoughts on “Space Center Houston

  1. I remember visiting there years ago. We had a refillable cup in the shape of an astronaut. I still have it though I don’t use it – one of the endless things I fail to part with because it holds memories. I like the comment on the picture about them wanting to avoid cross contamination of moon germs. I think you just might have inspired me to write a story about it!

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