Dinosaur Tracks

Our original plan of heading to Glen Rose for the Dinosaur State Park after Houston failed, because the long drive to Houston tired us and another long drive out to Glen Rose did not seem so much fun. Instead, we decided to hunt for dinosaur tracks in Leander, which isn’t far from Austin. Along the San Gabriel River near the 183 bridge, there is an unmarked trail that you could walk along, and most importantly the reason for a visit is to see the dinosaur prints embedded in the rock of the river bed. These prints are over 100 million years old and it’s so fascinating they’ve been preserved for so long — it was definitely cool to see them!

We observed 12 tracks from Acrocanthosaurus, the largest theropod dinosaur to exist. If you look closely, you’ll see the three toes in the indentations.

In the following shots, look closely and you’ll see a series of the tracks moving forward.

Do you see the series of 8 prints in this picture?

Hearing from others that there are also Brontosaurus tracks, we saw a couple — but we’re not positive — that could be the tracks of the sauropod dinosaur.

Also, we found a mysterious print; it’s definitely a print that appears to be a big foot of some sort, but who knows what it really is. Nevertheless, it was fascinating to observe the dinosaur tracks. Perhaps when we’re not sick of driving long distances, we’ll take that trip to Glen Rose to see more dinosaur tracks after all.



5 thoughts on “Dinosaur Tracks

  1. Hi Angie! I’m actually planning a visit down to the south San Gabriel pretty soon myself, and I was wondering if you remembered how far from the bridge all the prints were. I’d especially be interested to hear about the locations of the sauropod and the ”mystery track” (I’d love to check that one out for myself as you’re the only person I’ve seen document it so far.).

    • Hello! From the bridge, the prints are about 15 – 20 minutes, roughly. The sauropod print and the mystery print, we found them along the way there to the theropod prints. I think it was about halfway through. I don’t remember exactly where we found them, but take your time looking around as you go and I think you can find them. Good luck! I hope you find them! It was pretty amazing to see them. 🙂

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