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For those newly following my blog, my husband Nick and I have been traveling and moving around since 2013. We’ve lived at quite a few places since and I guess we’re still not ready to “settle” anywhere. We’re originally from Seattle and it still feels like home for us, but we’re just not ready to head back yet… I think we’re addicted to not living in one place where we’re stuck in a routine for too long and like being able to explore and getting to know different areas. After moving so much in the past years, we’ve become good at living minimally. But even so, we’re going to live even more minimally as we’ll be living out of the country again. With that said, Nick and I have finalized where we will be heading to next in 2016. Can you guess where? The first picture below is going to be our first sojourn for the first 6 months, and the second is our second destination for the other 6 months.



Let’s see if you guessed right…

At the end of January, we’re busting out the little French we know and heading over as new tourists to Montreal. Afterwards, we’re returning to London. We had such a great time on our last visit, we’re looking forward to getting to know London a little better. As of right now, the plan is to rotate between the two cities for a couple of years, possibly throwing Berlin into the mix our second year. We look forward to living out of the country again. Thanks to everyone following, and I hope to share some interesting posts with you all!



8 thoughts on “Next Destinations

  1. How exciting! I’ve been looking at Montreal for a while. It’s such a pretty place! I’ve also been saying to Brendon that I want to go back to London and go to the Harry Potter exhibit where they kept all the movie stuff next year!

    • We have a couple of neighborhoods picked out for London based on the type of flat we want, and our second choice is Kings Cross, which happens to have the station where Harry Potter’s Platform 9 3/4 is at! I immediately thought of you. Lol.

      • King’s Crossing! Omg! We’re finally going to Universal Orlando for my upcoming birthday in April. How long will you be in London for? I’m hoping to get London Harry Potter in the following year for my birthday 😀 Although Brendon wanted to go when NFL has their games there around November. We almost went this year but we had a hard time finding accommodation last minute.

      • We’re rotating between Montreal and London for the next 2 years, possibly longer if we like Montreal. We’ll be in London for 6 months the first year, from late July to January. So if you come in November, we’ll be there.

  2. hope to see you and nick in london next june and july…when i’ll be renting an airbnb flat in notting hill….which is the neighborhood that i’ve been returning to in london for more than 40 years…the fresh fruit and vegetables sold from the push cart vendors on portobello road never gets old…and the proximity to the natural beauty of kensington gardens is a big plus…camden is my second favorite neighborhood and it borders regent park and is not too far from hampstead heath….my two favorite non-touristy parks in london…the east london neighborhoods of hackney and shoreditch are the new trendy neighborhoods like brooklyn is in new york but i don’t like being too far away from the parks…it would be cool to meet up in neal’s yard at the wild food cafe for some of their raw vegan delights…happy trails!

    • I was thinking about you — that we could meet up if our paths should cross. We’ll be heading to London at the end of July, either the 23rd or 24th of the month. If you’re around, let’s definitely meet up! I wish we could just pick any neighborhood, but we have to base it on the apartment that has the best accommodation and setup for our work (desk, office chair, etc.), and we wanted a newer apartment with a gym. Otherwise, we’d probably pick Kensington. If the place we’re looking at is available during our visit, we’ll be staying in Stoke Newington. There is a park nearby the apartment as well.

      • unfortunately i leave london on july 22nd…but i think you and nick made a great choice to settle there for awhile…one of the many reasons i like notting hill is the very inexpensive virgin gym in the neighborhood…plus nama raw vegan restaurant on talbot rd.,the little portobello wholefoods market under the bridge and the planet organic nearby on westbourne grove…fortunately the tube makes all of london so accessible…

      • That’s too bad! We were really hoping to see you! Yup, we figured as long as we found a place that works for our day-to-day living, it really doesn’t matter because the city is so accessible! The apartment we have scoped out also has a Whole Foods and a couple of smaller organic stores nearby.

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