My Ghost Story


With Halloween around the corner, I’d like to share the story of my very first ghost encounter — and because I told my piggy pal Bacon over at Hotel Thompson that I would. So, here it goes…


When I was five years old, I lived in an apartment in Seattle by Lake Washington with my parents. I was the only child, so I clung by my parents’ side often, often attached to my mother. One early evening, I was napping with Mom inside the bedroom. Dad was cooking dinner while we slept. My memory is vague about the details of speaking to my parents and exactly what they said and what I said, but I remember this clearly to this day: an apparition of a woman. I woke up from my nap, cuddled up against Mom, warm and cozy. The room was dark except the door was ajar with the kitchen light coming through. When I opened my eyes, I saw a dark figure at the foot of the bed. I couldn’t make her out, but I knew it was female, and that she was a large-sized woman. I locked eyes on her motionless figure for a few seconds. I think I might have been bewildered, a little confused as to why this ‘stranger’ was standing in our bedroom. I wasn’t afraid, just curious.

“Mom, who is that?” I asked my mother.

Silence. Mom hesitated before responding. “Ask your father…”

I kicked my feet off the bed, walking towards the dark figure. When I neared her, she just vanished. I don’t remember what my thoughts were, but I was intrigued.

Entering the kitchen, Dad was stirring vegetables in a wok. I asked him who the lady was, but I don’t remember him responding. Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t remember the details to what my parents said, just that the image of the apparition is ingrained in my memory. This was my only experience of the lady, and when we moved into our first house, when I was a little older, Dad later explained to me about my experience. He didn’t sugar code anything, just told me what he and my mother had endured during their time at the apartment. Unlike my one-time experience, my parents experienced a nightly interaction with the lady. She touched their feet and pulled on their blanket while they slept. The lady even communicated with my father in his dreams. Dad relived how she had died in his dreams, because she showed him so. The woman had been murdered, shot, but my parents wasn’t aware of this before moving in. Besides being informed of her death, Dad also received a message in his dream one night. She told him there was a gold bracelet behind the fridge. Sure enough, the bracelet was there when he checked the next day.

My father wasn’t afraid of her, but I think Mom was a little afraid. Unlike Dad, Mom never believed in ghosts before. After living there, she became a believer.

My first encounter has piqued my curiosity for the afterlife. I’ve read many books and have watched documentaries regarding the topic. It is unexplained, but many people have experienced the paranormal in some extent. Skeptics are skeptical because they haven’t encountered anything, but that doesn’t mean there are no spirits or ghosts. Whether you believe it or not, there are credible evidence out there regarding this. It may be pseudoscience, but there are a lot of things out there that we don’t know or understand. And because I come from a science background and used to work in the field, I do like to see scientific evidence as backup — especially when things can be explained, like most things health-related for example. But I know that it doesn’t always work that way when it comes to the paranormal. There are just some things science can’t explain, and the afterlife is one of them.



10 thoughts on “My Ghost Story

  1. I love hearing stories like this! My mom, brother and I were actually talking about our experiences with the first home we moved into when I came from Hong Kong. It’s an older home, before my brother was even born. My sister and I would always see things but I was young and I think I was too terrified to talk about it. It was a small house so I shared my room and just clung to my sister who I shared a bed with. The dark shadow who I just know was a man would stand in the doorway and watch us sleep. We always leave the hall lights on because I was scared. My sister stopped taking showers at night because she said the man will watch her shower. Our motion detection light on the side of the house will go off at night all the time. The light was on top of my room window outside so it’ll light up the room. It was last month that the subject was brought back up and my mom finally came out and said we were not the only ones (my sister and I) seeing the ghost. She told me the history of the house but still did not go into details as to what she experienced. I have to get it out of her the next time I see her šŸ™‚

  2. Great story!!! The women in my family are also prone to encounters just like that one. I’m a firm believer in science but, like you, I agree there are things that science can neither measure, nor fully explain. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Great story. I enjoyed this. I’ve lived in a number of homes over the years that contained poltergeists. It seems that my new (used) stand-up bass is haunted. When I practice, he pops out and jingles and moves things around the house. He opened the refrigerator door the other evening.

    Everything is not known or explained in the world. “Science” can be misleading filter to understand existence through.

    Great post!

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