Oil Free Granola

I’d like to share my simple version of granola, because it’s hard to find organic and oil free granola in the stores with simple ingredients. There are a couple of brands that do offer oil free granola, Engine 2 and Back to Nature’s Original kind, but they are not organic. Doing it yourself is so much cheaper anyway, even if you are buying all organic ingredients, and I prefer being in control of the recipe. I made this in particular to enjoy with the acai bowls I make at home, but I have also eaten it with soy milk and just by itself as a late night snack. It’s so universal that it can be enjoyed to your desire!


(I use all organic ingredients)

2 c rolled oats
6 pitted medjool dates (if your dates aren’t soft and fresh, soak them in water for 10 minutes, or until softened) I order my dates fresh from California at Medjool Dates.
1/2 c coconut water (apple juice can be used as well)
1/2 tsp non-alcoholic vanilla

1. Blend the dates, vanilla and coconut water together until smooth.
2. Toss wet mixture in a bowl with the oats, breaking up any big clumps.
3. Lay granola over parchment paper over a cookie sheet or glass container and bake at 275 F for 1 hour or until golden and crispy. After 30 minutes of baking, stir the granola around and continue baking.
4. Let granola cool completely before serving.

This is just a simple recipe. You can add to it if you’d like, adding cinnamon, almonds, or whatever you want. Just remember to keep it healthy and enjoy!



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