Thanksgiving 2015

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know this post is a little late as we’re now heading into Christmas holiday, but we just returned from New England and I wanted to share how we spent this year’s Thanksgiving. Like last year, we ordered food for the occasion, feasting on food from our favorite vegan restaurant in Austin, Counter Culture. The food was fantastic and delicious like last year’s thanksgiving dinner from Real Food Daily in Los Angeles, but we definitely had a different experience.

We didn’t have any plans for Thanksgiving this year besides feasting and doing a little shopping, but our meal from Counter Culture was definitely the highlight. And all through November, the restaurant’s special was Thanksgiving holiday sandwiches. We tried it once and our taste buds fell in love, justifying our return for the dish a total of 3 times as it was that yummy.

House-made seitan, mushroom gravy and cranberry relish sandwich

Nick’s Thanksgiving Day meal was a seitan roast, and the green bean casserole and stuffing were also different from mine. He enjoyed every bite and I thought it was super delicious as well when I tasted his dish.

Candied lime sweet potatoes and carrots, green bean casserole, sourdough stuffing, cranberry relish, garlic mashed potatoes, and seitan roast with mushroom gravy

Instead of seitan roast, I went with the lentil loaf, and my green bean casserole was with a mustard sauce instead of with fried onions. And instead of sourdough, I had garbanzo bean flour for my stuffing.

Both our dishes were delicious, but I enjoyed mine better and Nick loved his seitan roast. Either way, I don’t think we could have done any better as it was very tasty and filling.

Candied lime sweet potatoes, garbanzo flour stuffing, cranberry relish, mustard green beans, lentil loaf, and garlic mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy

Nick didn’t have dessert this year, but I didn’t skip out. This year’s dessert was a chocolate pecan pie. Not a creamy pie, but it was full of molasses flavor, not overly sweet, had a good amount of cacao, and an almost overwhelming amount of pecans filled in a whole wheat crust. If you’re a pecan lover, you would definitely enjoy this piece of pie. I like pecans but I’m not sure I’m crazy about it and I thought it was scrumptious. It took me hours before I could finish the pie after our big meal, but I finally did it and it was worth every bite!

Chocolate Pecan Pie

We enjoyed our Thanksgiving feast and thought everything we had super tasty. This may be the last ordered meal we do in a while, as we’ll be out of the country again for next Thanksgiving — and so on. I’m not sure if London will have something for us to order, but if not, we may attempt to make our very own Thanksgiving meal from scratch in 2016!



4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2015

  1. recommend that you try london’s wild food cafe in neal’s yard near covent garden for next thanksgiving…also recommend that nick consider going gluten free and eliminating seitan (and other wheat and barley products) as a new year’s resolution…

    • Okay, great to know about Wild Food Cafe. We’ll definitely check it out!
      Gluten is perfectly fine for those not allergic to it. Nick and I have both been tested and we are not sensitive, allergic, or have Celiac disease. We know about the controversy on gluten, but with all the science and research we’ve done and know, gluten is not harmful and there is no evidence suggesting that it is harmful to your health. I know of the people that says it’s bad, but I don’t buy it. There’s a lot of controversy about everything when it comes to health, but I like to stick to scientific evidence and research — because you can’t argue with it. There’s controversy on chocolate, nutritional yeast, avocado, and many other food items as well, but I believe you can’t just believe one side on anything until you dig deep and find evidence to back it up.

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