New England Part I: Connecticut Countryside

After Thanksgiving break we spent 5 nights in New England visiting Nick’s father in Ellington, a small town in Connecticut. Surprisingly, the weather was mild for this time of the year and there was no snow. In spite of this, we spent a lot of time indoors. Although the temperature was warmer than usual, it was still chilly compared to Austin. I managed to go outside one day for a long run, enjoying the rural scenery and admiring colonial style homes. Unfortunately being on my run, I did not have the camera to capture what I observed, but I made a return with the camera another day via car to document the farmland and nature of the town.

Tobacco Farm

Sycamore Tree

Winterfest in “Town Center”

Though the highlight of this trip for me was photographing, I also appreciated and enjoyed a couple of other things: visiting the shooting range and exploring a new plant-based restaurant. Nick’s father took us out to his shooting range one morning to shoot some targets. It was my first time shooting ever, and I didn’t do too bad. I shot with a 22 handgun and a 38 special revolver. Both were very different shots and recoils, but I had more control over the 22. I managed to hit a few bullseye, and many shots were within the target. Quite a few strayed outside as well, but overall I fared well for my first time.

Lastly when it comes to vegan restaurants, it is sparse in all of Connecticut. However, we found one not too far away in Manchester. Just opened in July, this new establishment was tiny and cozy. Nick and I didn’t know what to expect, but we were excited to introduce his family to a new way of dining out. 21 Oak restaurant did not disappoint and everyone loved their meals. I only managed to take a picture of my dish because I was trying to be discreet with my phone, so all I have to share is my entrée: marinated and baked tofu over mashed sweet potatoes, steamed bok choy, and a garlic and ginger sauce. It was so delicious! Everyone’s meals were all tasty and we all raved about the place. If you’re ever in Manchester, I would highly recommend checking out 21 Oak!

Marinated and baked tofu over mashed sweet potatoes and steamed bok choy, with garlic ginger sauce


6 thoughts on “New England Part I: Connecticut Countryside

  1. Looks like a lovely area – and even if it comes with a chill, that beautiful golden winter light makes everything look even lovelier! Impressed you found a vegan restaurant that everyone loved too. The tofu sounds delish 🙂

  2. from my perspective, shooting a gun is antithetical to a vegan diet…cultivating harmony with nature and peace within does not seem to jive with an act of external mechanical violence…

    • I get it, but not everyone thinks like that, Marty. It was just for “fun” for us. It has nothing to do with us performing an act of violence, as that’s definitely not mine or Nick’s intention. There were no violent intentions or ill thoughts, just a game of trying to hit the paper target, nothing else. And it’s probably the last time we’ll ever do that. It was just an activity and way to spend time with Nick’s father, who is a gun fanatic. It’s the one thing the man will happily go do without needing any convincing!

  3. Hello…was searching for 2015 Ellington Winterfest pictures and got your picture of my Dad’s 1935 Ford Pickup decorated with lights……..he spent all week decorating
    Thanks for posting…..Hope you enjoyed the parade.

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